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Last year, we discussed the amazing new features that WhatsApp serenaded us with while most of the world was in lockdown.
Not long after, though, the company came out with a controversial privacy policy that still has us reeling. Recently, we found out that they will not be backing down from that plan.
If like us, you are also concerned about your privacy and security, we have discussed alternate messaging apps for internet privacy and data security below – as well as what makes them worthy picks in the first place.

Note: This article is covered by our guest author for today.

Threema(One Time Premium Fee)

Threema is, unlike other messaging apps you know, not a free option.
The developers of this app know that they are one of the most secure platforms out there and are not afraid to charge for it. Fortunately, they only charge a nominal one-time fee.
For that price, they give you a service that you never have to register with your email/ phone number. Thus, you can chat anonymously on the platform without fear of your identity being discovered.


Did you know that Edward Snowden has been singing praises of Signal for a long time now?
The open-source project is operated as a not-for-profit so there is no concern about user data being sold.
As of the time of this writing, Signal keeps the lights on by accepting donations from other privacy enthusiasts from all around the world.


If not for the fact that this one is only available to Apple device users, it would have easily been first on the list.
The Apple promise of user privacy and security extends into the platform’s dedicated messaging app. iMessage is so secure that even iMessage apps cannot interact with your messages or the media you send on the platform.
With a dedicated FaceTime app for crisp audio and video calls, functionality and security are blended just right.


Telegram beat WhatsApp to introducing disappearing messages, have a private chat dashboard, allow for deletion of messages after any timeframe, and – in short, the chat privacy possibilities here are endless.
Recently, the company even introduced a neat little feature that allows you to import your chat history directly from WhatsApp. How cool is that?


The only issue we have with Viber is that it has a lesser group capacity than WhatsApp itself. Besides that, it is also a beauty to look at in the security game.
Perhaps the best part about Viber is how it allows users to make international calls at nominal fees. The call recipient does not even need to have Viber installed to pick this call.

Final Words

If you do not feel comfortable giving WhatsApp and Facebook all that access into your data, now is the time to migrate.
With the Facebook-owned company has come out to claim that they won’t back down from implementing this policy of theirs, the ball is in your court.

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Brad Smith is a technology expert at TurnOnVPN, a non-profit promoting a safe and free internet for all. He writes about his dream for free internet and unravels the horror behind big techs.

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