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PlayStation is going to launch new games in this week in its PlayStation Store,

Below are the lists of new game you can play during Covid-19 lockdown.

Beyond Blue :- 11 June 2020

Beyond Blue is a solitary player story experience that brings you profound into our planet’s thumping blue heart.

Set soon, Beyond Blue investigates the riddles of our sea through the eyes of Mirai, a remote ocean pilgrim, and researcher. Become a piece of a recently framed research group utilizing earth-shattering advances to see, hear, and communicate with the sea in a more significant manner than has at any point been endeavored.

Demon’s Tier+ :- 09 June 2020

Thosgar, an abhorred lord, pulled in by the sorceress and wicked customs, was devoured by his scorn and fearsome urges, he at that point transformed into a dull and merciless being. Obliterating practically all of humankind and flooding the universe of beasts.

This was recognized as legend until harmony returned in the long run…

Thousand years after the fact, a puzzling pit has shown up in the town after an immense seismic tremor where a dull and insidiousness quality radiated from…

Depth of Extinction :- 11 June 2020

In a flooded future world rife with violence, rumors of killer machines have spread far and wide. As a number of factions emerge – violently vying for power – you become the sole defender of humanity’s last standing government. Only you can create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this turn based, tactical RPG with roguelike elements.

Evan’s Remains :- 11 June 2020

Evan’s Remains is a mystery-thriller puzzle adventure about finding a missing boy: Evan. The game combines logic-based platform puzzles with narrative inspired by Japanese graphic adventure games.

Firechief :- 10 June 2020

34 challenging missions set in 10 different environments including a forest, a foreign embassy, and a nuclear facility
A team of firefighters and fire specialists, trained to face all kinds of emergencies High-performance vehicles including rescue ladder, pumper, tanker, helicopter, Canadair…
Designed in collaboration with a fire consultant
Unexpected obstacles and events will slow down your progression
Featuring English uniforms and vehicle

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