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Plants require a variety of nutrients. The most important being nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. These three are the most essential components of plant growth.

Synthetic fertilizers

While these artificial fertilizers are effective in the short run, they have some ill effects. These include:

Synthetic fertilizers actually cause a lot of damage
  • Damage to soil structure
  • Cause soil erosion
  • Soil salinity increases
  • Leaching
  • Killing the soil ecosystem

The organic alternative

The organic way involves using bio-fertilizers

Organic farming uses nature’s resources to generate nutrients. We have come up with a list of popular fertilizers that can work for all plants. Be it huge fields or kitchen gardens or terrace ones. Following are four popular bio-fertilizers:

Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfa meal is supplied to plants
  • This is rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. It helps increase the soil’s fertility over time.


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  • This is actually a great way to restore acidic soils to a neutral pH. It also boosts magnesium levels. Magnesium is an important micronutrient in plant growth.

Chicken manure

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  • These are very rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Along with those three, it provides good amount of calcium and magnesium. Since organic farming involves livestock, you can use it from your own farm as well.

Cow manure

  • One of the most trusted source of nutrition for plants. Contains great nutrients though care must be taken to not apply it directly. Compost it well before application.

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