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मारियो से कॉन्ट्रा तक: सुपरहिट रहे ये 5 वीडियो गेम

Needless to say how the craze of video games dominated children in the 90s. Video games were a means in which there was no need to go out of the house to spend time. There were some video game cafes, but most of these video games were dominated indoors. Attaching the video game device to the TV and starting with a remote. At that time, there were only a few popular video games, which were known for great entertainment. Apart from this, video games were available in a lot of traffic through cassettes but their popularity was probably not more than these selected games. Today, talk of those 5 video games, which we and you have not forgotten to date…



Who wouldn’t remember Mario, who saved and got the princess? Nata Italian plumber Mario became very popular in the Indian video game world. Mario’s hangover in the early 90s was like a super-duper hit. However, later several versions and sequels of Mario came, but the old Mario still remains a secret on people’s hearts. Mario’s ‘dominance’ is so much that even Google Maps has used its logo in its maps. (Read full news)



Tekkan was one of the arcade games that came to India. It was made by Namco. This game of fighting ‘Jung’ was also followed by versions 2 and 3. Tekken 3 also proved to be extremely popular. The famous characters of this game were Paul, Lion, Hitachi, and Ogre. Today is not that round, but you must have missed this game by reminding you a little.



Contra was the game to rule India’s video game market in the 90s. Running and gunfire were a major part of the game. Built on the theme ‘Protecting the Earth from Red Falcon’, the game was very popular during that time. Many parts of it came and it was well-liked among the children. Contra is considered to be the leader in the popularity of the game after Mario.

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Duck hunt

duck hunt

The same game, in which ducks flew from the bottom to the top. We had to shoot them. Its theme was to kill the ducks and feed their dogs. In this, the user was given 3 shots, through which the ducks had a chance to shoot. Points were also available in this and the winner was also given the opportunity to go to the next level.



In the era of Nintendo console gaming, the game came with a strange concept. The game was a huge success and received several awards. It sold 10 million copies worldwide. It mainly depicted the courage and courage of Alladin. The user had to face difficulties as Alladin. Many levels had to be won by ‘enemies’.

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