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Jio is one of the leading telecom operators in India. According to the latest data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the company currently has a total of 364 million subscribers in India. The company offers various recharge options, top-up vouchers and unlimited plans according to the needs of its customers. However, users are sometimes required to monitor the data remaining in a plan with limited benefits and voice calling minutes or the validity of the plan. Therefore, we are going to tell you some easy ways to check the amount left in Jio.

You can use the MyJio app on your smartphone to know the data balance and validity of your connection. Apart from this, you can check your Jio balance and the validity of the plan by using the interactive voice response (IVR) option offered by the telecom operator.

How to check Jio balance using MyJio app
You can find out the remaining balance of your Jio account by installing the MyJio app on your smartphone. This app is available for download on both Android and iPhone devices. This app supports Android 5.0 and below or devices running iOS 10 or newer. You have to install the app on your smartphone to check the balance and validity of your Jio connection and then follow the steps given below.

1. First open the MyJio app and log-in. Here you will get two options for logging in via SIM and logging in via OTP. You can login through any option as per your convenience.

2. After logging in the account, on the home screen of the app you will see the remaining amount of Jio number i.e. balance and validity of the plan. Apart from this, by tapping on the ‘View Detail’ button, you can also get the information of the remaining free SMS, data and voice call quota on your number. There is another way to do this, where you have to tap on the hamburger menu icon available at the top left of the app’s home screen. Here you have to tap on ‘My Plan’. By doing this, you will get all the information about the remaining SMS, data and voice calls in the existing plan on the app screen.

3. In this, users can also get their remaining data and information of recently used data etc. Apart from this, their information can also be taken by tapping into voice call, SMS and Wi-Fi benefit option.

Through Reliance Jio’s MyJio app, users can also get information about the plan, as well as recharge and redeem or transfer vouchers. For this, users have to tap on the left hamburger menu in the top and go to the ‘My Vouchers’ section.

How to check Jio balance using IVR
For customers who do not want to use the official MyJio app, Jio has provided an IVR service. You have to dial 1991 from your Jio number to get your data, talk time and validity etc. You can listen to the latest data plan and voucher available for your connection in a call.

How to check Jio balance on
Jio has also given the option of checking the balance on its official website. Through the spets given below, users can get information about their balance on the site.

1. First of all go to on your web browser and click on sign-in option.

2. Here you will get the option to check the balance of Jio mobile, Jio hotspot device, Jio fiber broadband connection or Jio link set-top box.

3. Now you have to tap on the mobile option and enter your live number. After this, you will get an OTP of six digits on the Jio number entered, which you will have to put on the website and tap on submit.

4. On logging in, you will get all the information related to the connection.

If you do not have a Jio prepaid connection and you use a postpaid connection, you can also check your previous bill and tariff information from the Jio site. For this you can also use prepaid connection like MyJio app. Apart from this, you can get all the information about your bill by sending an SMS to 199 by writing “bill” (without quotation marks).

How to check Jio Phone balance
There are many ways to check the balance and validity of users who are using Jio on Jio Phone instead of their smartphone.

How to check Jio Phone balance via SMSJio Phone users can also get information about their Jio connection by sending an SMS.

1. For this, open your default messaging app and then write a new message. Type “BAL” (without quotes) in the message box.
2. Now send this message to 199. By doing this you will receive a message from Jio. Information about the balance, validity, etc. of your connection will be written in this message.

You can also use the MyJio app to check the validity of the Jio phone connection, along with the data and talk time balance. You have to open the MyJio app available in your Jio Phone. Apart from this, you can open the MyJio app in another way. For this, you have to press and hold the Jio button on your Jio phone. This app shows you the data balance and validity of the connection on the home screen.


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