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Whenever we think about gaming, racing games, shooting games or Battle Royale games, most of the attention is drawn towards this type of gaming category. No matter why, these types of games are very exciting to play, but do you know that there are many mobile games available online at this time, which can increase the capacity of your or your children’s brain. . If you are wondering why we are talking about mobile games taking your brain test or increasing your IQ, then tell us that in this fast-growing world, the ability of people to think or focus is decreasing. Is going A big reason for this is our daily routine that is dependent on the Internet. If you or your children are also engaged on mobile all day, or you feel that you need to entertain young children in your own or your family as well as to do brain exercises, then you can play such mobile games, Will increase your IQ level and increase your ability to focus. Currently, many mobile games are available online, including Skillz, Lumosity, Tricky Test, Logic Master, Brain Games, Math Puzzle, which will give you and your children a mental workout and they will get a lot of learning along with entertainment.Although many mobile games can come in the list of best brain games or best IQ games, but we have brought some brain exercise games or IQ games that can play with children as well as big ones. . These games also have entertainment and include many puzzles, puzzles, questions, tricks. Let’s have a look at some of the best brain games, puzzle games, IQ games etc.

You can download and install these games through the Google Play Store on Android.

Best Brain Exercise Games or IQ Games for Mobile


The first game on the list is Skillz. This brain game tests your memory. The game also tests the speed and accuracy of your thinking and decision making. In this, you have to recognize colors, but quickly. There are many puzzles in it and there are many questions, which also mislead your mind. Skillz is also available on the Apple app stop.

Logic master

There are two versions of Logic Master on the Google Play Store. Logic Master 1 and Logic Master 2 games. This game from WeezBeez Developer is very funny. Its graphics are quite simple. All it has to do is drag and drop with one finger. The developer claims that it has more than 200 puzzles. Due to its easy control and simple graphics, you can feed it to your young children too.

Find My Mind

The next game in our list is also from WeezBeez Developer. As the name suggests, Find My Mind is a unique puzzle game, with over 3600 levels with 18 puzzles. The special thing about this game is also its very simple looking graphics and easy control, which makes it easy for children to understand. The company claims that the game works on the 9 main aria of your brain, including memory, logic, focus, speed and reactivity.

Lumosity: Brain Training

This app, downloaded by 100 million people or more than 100 million people worldwide, is fed with science-based games, which test your memory, focus, ability to solve problems. In this you can give a 10-minute free test and compare the results with others of your age.

Tricky test

As the name suggests, tricky test is a game in which the puzzles present will mislead your mind and test you. It checks your IQ. The developers say that if you solve the 111 quizzes involved in 120 minutes, then you can name yourself a genius. Tricky Test 1 and Tricky Test 2 are available on the Google Play Store and both are great fun to play.

Brain games

Brain games have many fun puzzles. It also includes brain teasers, which will keep your mind twisted. Due to its cartoon style graphics this game is quite good for children. It shows the ability of children to imagine.

Math puzzle

Math puzzle, the name itself is enough to find out that it will be a game camera. If you like Math, you will love this game, but the good thing is that even if you or your children do not like Math, they will find this game quite interesting. Mathematics questions are asked in a very fun way. In addition, logical reasoning is also asked.

Left or Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

This game tests children’s focus, quick response, accuracy. Left vs Right consists of a total of 50 games, which train the minds of children in 6 categories. It also has a colorblind mode, which is designed for colorblind people. In this game, such puzzles are asked, in which your mind is entangled and you have to answer them accurately but at the same time without wasting time.


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