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Top ten video games list who are doing good business in the word.

When the world’s first video game ‘Tennis for Two’ was released in 1958, it attracted considerable attention. Why not the first video game was very special and a new experiment for people. Meanwhile, the 62-year history of video games has not only made great progress in terms of technology, but has also established itself as a huge economy.

Video games first became commercially successful in the 1980s. This time is also known as the golden time for video games. The video game industry now has a trillion dollar annual turnover. There are countless video games available in the world right now. Here is a list of the most attractive video games.

1 Pokémon: A popular video game owned by companies including. Nintendo, Pokémon was unveiled in 1996. Pokémon is the highest-grossing video game ever. its

The total revenue so far is around 90 billion.

2 Mario: Nintendo’s video game Mario is the second highest-grossing company on the list. The video game was released in 1981. Its total revenue is 30.25 billion.

3 Call of Duty: A video game called Call of Duty, launched by Activision in 2003, has grossed 1 billion 17 billion so far.

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4 Wii: Another popular video game introduced in 2006 by the Japanese company Nintendo is Wii. The video game has grossed 14.8 billion so far.

5. Packman: The Packman video game, which was introduced by Bandai Entertainment in 1980, has grossed over Arb 14.1 billion.

6 Space Invaders: Tito Square Enix Company introduced this video game in 1978. Space invaders managed to earn $ 13.93 billion.

7 Dungeon Fighter Online: The video game released by Nepal Nixon in 2005, has grossed 11.8 billion so far.

8 Street Fighter: The eighth highest-grossing video game, Street Fighter was introduced in 1987 by CamCop. It has grossed over 11.27 billion.

9 Final Fantasy: Grey’s video game, released by Square Enix in 1987, was worth over 10.65 billion.

10 Warcraft: Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft, a popular video game brought out in 1994, topped the list of highest-grossing video games. It earned ₹ 10.62 billion.


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