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Today we are going to reveal many questions about the agile certifications & assesments test.

we hope these questions and answers will help you.

1.Which statement best describes the use of Acceptance TDD?

Answer – Tests from the user’s point of view.

2.What is the goal of Developer TDD?

Answer – Developers specify a detailed executable design.

3.What are some of the ways test-driven development can benefit a project compared to other techniques?

Answer – Supports continuous integration. Enhances collaboration among various stakeholders

4.Match each type of testing to its contribution to overall system documentation.

Answer – Options

A:Contains working specification of functional code
B:Specifies and defines critical requirements
C:Becomes detailed executable specifications

Regression Tests :C
Acceptance Tests :B
Unit Tests:A

5.What are the major challenges faced when performing test-driven database development?

Answer -Layer dependencies being rigid
Schema changes breaking tests

6.What are the benefits of applying TDD and BDD to Agile development?

Automated test coverage
Behaviour of developed elements is safe guarded.

7. Select the challenges of applying TDD to Agile development projects.

Designs changes may affect unit test.
Developers adaptability.

8.Which statements best describe test-driven work?

Stakeholders prioritize work
Acceptance criteria and tests are established before any other work

9.What are two important objectives when adding testing code to a project?

Prevent test code from being compiled into production code
Ensure test-related code is isolated

10.What practices should be used when building a complex system?

Using a modular design
Designing for testability

11.What are some features a tool should have to facilitate TDD Agile database development?

Able to run tests in transactions to keep them independent
Provide the ability to fake tables and views

12.Match each step of the red/green/refactor cycle with its description.

Answer Options:
A:Write unit tests that fail
B:Write code that passes the unit tests
C:Improve and clean up production code
Refractor :C
Green : B

13.What three activities are tightly interwoven when using Test-driven Development?


14.Arrange the steps involved in the Test-Driven Development cycle in order.

Look at which tests or unit tests fail
Write code that should pass the tests or unit tests

15.What are the categories of TDD best practices?

Naming Conventions
Development Practices


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