1. Answer 1 – Weight
  • Answer 2 – Eat Local, Think Global
  • Answer 3 – 12 Weeks
  • Answer 4 – All Of These
  • Answer 5 – Strength
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  1. Rujuta Diwekar’s first book was ’Don’t lose your mind, lose your ________’. Fill in the blanks to complete the title of the book
    Ans. Weight
  2. Which of these is one of the primary takeaways from the book ‘Eating In The Age of Dieting’?
    Ans. Eat local, think global
  3. As per the book, ‘Eating In The Age of Dieting’, diet and exercise usually take how long to show results?
    Ans. 12 weeks
  4. You get good immunity when you_________.
    Ans. All of these
  5. Your exercise program should improve your stamina, flexibility and_____________.
    Ans. Strength