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Compost is one of the most potent items used in organic agriculture. Compost is really great for plants. Compost is essentially decayed organic material that is used as a fertilizer for plants.

What is compost?

Composting is very beneficial to the environment

Almost anything can be composted. All kinds of vegetables, kitchen peels and such can be composted. The decaying organic matter is potent and filled with nutrients that are extremely beneficial for plant growth.

Effect on the environment

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Compost aids in carbon sequestration. Compost acts as a carbon sink. Trapping and containing the element in the dirt. And if the carbon is in the ground it will not damage the atmosphere.

How to start composting?

  • Compost is typically made in a pit
  • It is important to lay twigs in the first layer.
  • Add compost material in layers. After the addition of kitchen-waste make sure to add the dry materials.
  • Add green manure. Typically, green manure contains nitrogen.
  • Keep the compost moist and well aerated.
  • Make sure to cover the composting pit or bin.
  • Turn your compost every week. This will allow oxygen in and help in the decomposition process.

Other options:

If you are dubious about home composting, you might want to start with ready-made compost. This is available at all organic stores and online as well. We have provided some choices for you!

BOOSTER Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Plants (10 kg)

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TrustBasket Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Plants – 5 KG

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Kenware Premium Quality Organic Vermi compost Fertilizer Manure for Plants Fertilizer  (2 kg, Powder)

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DHARA AMRIT 3.5 Kg Vermicompost, Made from Cow Manure, 100% Organic & Natural Plant Nutrient For Home Gardens And Potting Mix Fertilizer, Soil, Manure, Potting Mixture

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