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Organic farming sounds great! But how does one start this? Here are some basic guidelines:


Growing a variety of different crops in a field. This has two benefits:

  • It can help meet crop demand.
  • It is great for the soil.

Animal waste

One of the oldest farming practices. Using manures enriches the nutrients in soil. It also increases bacterial activity. Micro organisms are very crucial for good soil health.

Weed management

Organic farming seeks to lower weed growth. Farmers are often faced with stubborn weeds. This results in use of weedicides and herbicides to kill it. Organic farming does not do this.

It uses resistant plants. It may also introduce natural predation. For example, introducing friendly caterpillars that kill certain weeds.


Organic farming involves livestock. They keep cows, goats, hens, pigs and other domestic animals. Organic farming creates a mini-ecosystem. It is both profitable and healthy.

No genetic modification

Lab made strains are not used. It focuses on available varieties. Local variants are suited to a region. They have natural ability to thrive in the place. Organic farming works on that.

Things to keep in mind while building a farm

  • Learn the basics
  • Look for a good site
  • Match the land and crops
  • Prepare good compost
  • Take proper care of the plants
  • Form a good network
  • Patience.

What next?

Organic farming is one way to improve soil health. The world is struggling with poor soil. The very nature of soil is self restorative. But it needs time and patience.

Organic farming helps the soil. India needs to focus on building organic farms. Investing resources in farmer-friendly options will go a long way. Food growing is an unending cycle. We need to make sure that it keeps going on for the future generation as well.

Soil ecology needs to be maintained. One way of doing this is allowing microbes to grow. Chemical affected soils lack this rich growth.


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