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IIT Madras will give an online degree in programming and data science, no age limit of admission-TechWeu

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has taken a unique initiative. Under this initiative, it has become the first such IIT in the country to offer online degrees. Yes, this veteran institute has launched the country’s first online degree course, named ‘Bachelor’s degree in Programming and Data Science’. During the Coronavirus epidemic, the demand for the online study has increased tremendously, school-college students are forced to study only through online medium. But IIT Madras has made this medium a medium of education, under which one can easily fulfill the dream of studying in this veteran institution.IIT Madras Talking about this initiative, Director of Bhaskar Ramamurthy said that this online program will remove graduates who will work in the sectors where there is more demand for qualified candidates today. He said, “This program is a combination of online learning and person evaluation, which is affordable and flexible. I believe that the program will serve as a game-changer in education in India in the coming years and other top-ranking It will also inspire institutions to launch many such online courses. ”

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Let us tell you, along with the students who apply for this degree after 12th, those who are currently pursuing another degree can also apply for it. Not only this, but there is also no age limit to apply for this degree, that is, but aspirants of any age can also get this degree.

This program is divided into three levels, which you must complete strictly. The first level is the foundational level, in which you will get 8 courses, the second level is the diploma level, which includes 6 programming courses + 6 data science courses, and the third and final – degree level, which has 11 courses.

Talking about the fees, the students of the general category who are doing the foundation course will have to pay a fee of Rs 32,000. A fee of Rs 110,000 will have to be paid for diploma level and Rs 100,000 for degree level. A general category student who completes these three levels will have to pay a total of Rs 242,000. However, fees are waived for various disadvantaged students.

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