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Today we will talk about how to install Python in your system- TechWeu

Hello and let see how to get started with python and install Python on Microsoft Windows. Okay, so it’s not too hard. We’re going to both install Python 3 and we’re going to install a text editor. So you have to just go into Google and type, install Python 3. And the top link will be the Downloading Python.


Now the other thing we need is a programmer text editor. And you can really use any programmer text editor. We’ve used Notepad+ in the past. We’ve used JEdit in the past. I like T-O-M. .Io mostly because it works the same on Windows and Mac and Linux. But you can really use any text header that you like, just don’t use Word or TextEdit that comes with the operating system. You need a programming editor that doesn’t mess with weird characters or weird lines or strange formats >> You must have a real programmer editor.


And I’m going to start and run the Windows command line. Now, you may have all kinds of fancy ways to run Python but I like running the command line. C-O-M-M-A-N-D. I like running the command line because after a while it’s important to know what folder things are being run in. and so here’s this command line and you should be able to type Python here. Here is the Python interpreter where it’s asking for Python commands and I can say print.

Okay, so Atom is now installed and it’s kind of telling us what to do.

And you have to make a folder on the desktop. I’m going to call this folder py4e. So I now have a folder on the desktop. And I’m going to go into py4e and then I’m going to name this file

And you’ll notice that when you save this, it’s syntax will be highlighted. That’s one of the nice things about a programmer editor. And so it says, it’s got a suffix of .py. So therefore it knows that it’s supposed to look pretty with Python and make this one color, make this another color. The other thing that you’ll notice is that you now have a folder called py4e. 

Okay, and so you’ve got Python 3.0 installed and that gets me started and so I hope that this little introduction about getting things started has been helpful to you.


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